Bivrost Whisky

Read about the northernmost Whisky in the world.


What is the Arctic?

The Arctic is a polar region located at the northernmost part of Earth. Land within the Arctic region has seasonally varying snow and ice cover and the Arctic seas contain seasonal sea ice in many places. The Arctic region is a unique area among Earth’s ecosystems. The botanicals, animals and indigenous peoples of the Arctic have adapted to its cold and extreme conditions.

The Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle is the most northerly of the abstract five major circles of latitude as shown on maps of the Earth. It marks the northernmost point at which the noon sun is just visible on the northern winter solstice and the southernmost point at which the Midnight Sun is just visible on the northern summer solstice. The region north of this circle is known as the Arctic.


We store our Whisky casks in a Viking Longhouse, a few metres from the Arctic sea. The whole area around the distillery was an old coastal fort, built by the occupying German forces during the Second World War. The temperature and the humidity in our storage facilities are excellent. We get decent temperature variation throughout the year.


Maturing Whisky in casks is a science of its own. Owing to the Arctic temperature, we use relatively small casks for faster maturation. We store our Whisky in a lot of different cask types (Sherry, Bourbon, Sauterne, Madeira, Viring oak and more). As we are producing the Norwegian aquavit, we also have the option of using Aquavit casks for maturation.


Bivrost® Whisky is handcrafted under the glow of the Northern Lights, at the foot of the majestic Lyngen Alps. Melting water from glaciers is purified and combined with local wash from arctic barley to ensure a unique product of Arctic Norway.


Whisky can not be rushed, so until we scale up bottling volumes of Bivrost Whisky (Estimated release 2025) we will be releasing 2 limited editions each year as a “collectable series”, related to “the nine worlds of Norse mythology”. The bottles/graphics can stand alone, but also compose a nice shelf rack for collectors. The different releases will have different taste impressions to show the variety of tastes we can accomplish up here in the Arctic.

LAST edition of the "Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology" will be launched in:








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