Chud or Chude is a term historically applied in the early Russian annals to several Finnic peoples in the area that is now Estonia, Karelia and North-western Russia.
In Sami legends there are many tales of Chude attacks on small settlements. These attacks took place in the northern parts of Norway. Chudes are traditional generic villains in some Sami legends, as well as in the Sami language movie Pathfinder from 1987, which is loosely based on such legends.

One such legend is based on the attack in Sandvika:

In the time of the Chudes, there were several tenant farmers at Sandvik, a farm; but in Skibotn there was only one tenant farmer. He was in the forest and saw that the Russian Chudes came, and it was Christmas Eve. He had a boat, and they took his boat early on Christmas Day and crossed the fjord to pillage. They did not pillage the man they took the boat from. There were rich people in Sandvik; they had silver and articles of silver and money.

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A housewife went to fetch food for Christmas morning from the storehouse. The Chudes then came ashore. She ran to the window and shouted: “The Chudes are coming” and ran away to Pollen with the message; but she was frightened. She ran without stopping to Fastdalen and then collapsed and slept for half a day; she then came round but at first did not know where she was. After some time had passed, her mind became clear and she sensed that she was at Fastdalsøra.

She then walked homewards, but they had killed everyone in Sandvik. However, people who had guns had rowed to Lille Forhamn and then walked over to Sandvik. The Chudes were out and the people started shooting with shot guns and killed all 12 Chudes. Since that time they gave Sandvik the name Tsjudevik (based on the Norwegian spelling of Chude), and they rowed out on the Lyngen Fjord with the corpses and sunk them all down.

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