Taste of the arctic

Is it possible to develop characteristic Arctic taste in alcohol products?


Very little research has been done on which Arctic plants and marine ingredients that are suitable for alcohol production.
The project’s goal was therefore to do research on different Arctic taste profiles for several types of alcohol, e.g. aquavit, liqueurs or gin. The research and taste development was based on our Arctic uniqueness and available raw materials in the region.

We received funding from Innovation Norway and SkatteFunn (Research Council of Norway) to conduct the project.

First we conducted a survey of traditional ingredients used in regional alcohol production and Scottish alcohol production. Then we investigated which wild-growing plants and marine products that can be used as flavorings in the distillation of strong alcohol. We researched which ingredients we should choose to get an Arctic profile on our vodka, gin, and other alcohol products.

Test distillations

We carried out a number of test distillations with more than 50 different raw materials. We thus researched individual distillates and combinations. We have used these distillations as a basis for new products and additions to existing products. 

Through the project, we have developed unique expertise in harvesting, preserving and distilling Arctic raw materials. This R & D project has enabled us to develop completely new Norwegian, Arctic products that have never been seen on the market before.


Through the project, we have concluded that the light-intensive, Arctic summer (60 days with continuous photosynthesis) gives special characteristics to berries, herbs and other biology from the Arctic region. The new flavors that we have developed have special characteristics and special properties. 

Recently, we have received support from other official research institutes that there are in fact indications that berries from the north have less bitterness, more Omega 3 fatty acids and more antioxidants.

Some of the final products: