The Bivrost Symphony

Classical Music, created by Alexander Aaroen – inspired by the Bivrost brand

The arctic composer, Alexander Aarøen Pedersen, was inspired by the stories related to the Bivrost brand and decided to compose a symphony.
The symphony tells a story of a young viking which goes out on an adventure to visit the gods of the ancient world of norse mythology. On the mythological journey the viking journey over the Bivrost Bridge and face Idunn, visits Valhalla and encounter Ragnarok.


Aarøen Pedersen has already produced a lot as a musician and composer since he took a master’s degree in film music in Dublin in August 2017. He has conducted and recorded self-composed music in Los Angeles, where he has also been an apprentice to composer Richard Bellis.
Pedersen worked on the symphony for 2 years. Aurora Spirit sponsored parts of the development and recording, which was done spring 2019 with Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra in Tromsø.


Bivrost is how the Norse Mythology explains the Aurora Borealis, and how it functions as a magical bridge between the mortal world and Asgard.

This album depicts a young mans journey from a desolate little town in Northern Norway, to the mighty realm of Asgard and his final battle during Ragnarok. The road is long, and his soul has to dance three times before he can rest.

The first dance is a meditation on the ebb and flow of life. We are born and we die. What do we do with the time that is given? This first dance is provoked by an ancient Shaman that recites Voluspa (the prophesy of the Seeress) to the young hero. Voluspa is the story of the creation and destruction of the world.

The second dance is when the young man decides to meet his destiny. This gives rise to a number of conflicts within the hero. What do you do when the demons rattle in the cages? When you strive and are torn apart by doubt, but still has to continue?

The third and last dance happens after Ragnarok, the fateful dual between demons and gods. When everything is swallowed in flames, and new life is born. This is the last dance of the soul.

These are the different pieces of the Symphony:

1. The First Dance of the Soul
2. A Life Not Lived
3. Einherjar
4. The Bridge in The Sky
5. Valhalla
6. Idunn
7. Ragnarok
8. Rebirth

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