We recycle used materials, such as Whisky staves.

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Aurora Spirit operates by modern sustainable principles. We live in a special part of the world which is highly affected by global environmental changes, we therefore have the highest respect for wildlife and nature. We think of green innovation, regional development and sustainability as bearing principles on all aspects of our business.
In all our investments, both in building materials and production equipment, we have made decisions based on ecological and sustainable principles. Our still is one of the most energy friendly in the world and our Distillery is built in cross laminated timber, which is an eco-friendly building technique.

Our policy:

  • Focus on sustainable supply chains. This means making sure the energy footprint is as low as possible and that our suppliers and customers are focused on sustainability (glass recycling, low-NOx burners, packaging reduction)
  • Protect the water source. Our still recycles the water used for heating and cooling as part of the cleaning program. At the factory we try not to use water excessively.
  • Energy efficient packaging and distribution. Our production is far from the central alcohol warehouses in Norway. The distribution system for alcohol in Norway is built in such a manner that all of our products for the general consumer market has to be shipped all the way to the Oslo area, and from there being redistributed to this long country. This is, in our opinion, a non-sustainable way of operating. We are therefore putting pressure on the subject via our political channels towards the government in Norway.
  • Recycle all waste materials. We cooperate with our local waste disposal company. We recycle used whisky staves and other wood materials as furniture, art and souvenirs at our visitor centre. The offcuts from the wooden staves we are giving to Harry – the local Salmon smoker, for use in his production of ‘whisky cask smoked salmon’. Some of the waste materials from the building construction we have recycled as tables.
  • Leave as small a footprint on the local environment as possible. All our staff are trained in how to be careful with regards to how we operate in the fragile Arctic realms. The crafts we use and sell, the food we provide are all sourced locally. We want to support our local community as much as possible, also by using local craftsmanship, purchasing locally and encouraging visitors to buy locally.


Drinking alcohol has been part of the Arctic way of life for centuries. It is undeniably a part of our heritage. That being said we acknowledge the problems associated with alcohol abuse. We are fully aware that some people drink too much, and can cause harm to themselves, to others, and the local community. The Norwegian government’s alcohol policy has a proven effect in our country and we abide by the guidelines and laws given to our industry.
We advise consumers to take into account some basic tips on responsible drinking in the Arctic:

  • Avoid drinking alone, be social and look after each other.
  • Alternate alcohol with soft drinks, stay hydrated.
  • Know (and honour) your limits for alcohol tolerance.
  • Don’t drink on empty stomach. Have a bite before consuming alcohol.
  • The distances in the Arctic are vast. Make sure you have a plan for getting home.
  • It’s cold up here. Are you dressed for waiting in the Taxi line for one hour?

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