Bivrost® Muspelheim Single Malt Whisky is handcrafted under the glow of the Northern Lights, at the foot of the majestic Lyngen Alps, at 69 °N. Made from peated barley, fermented with glacial meltwater and distilled in our hi-tech still. Matured in Bourbon and ex Islay casks.

Bivrost® Muspelheim is the third whisky in the “nine worlds of Norse mythology” series.


Peat, vanilla and grain.


Grainy, peaty and slightly sweet notes of vanilla.


Long and pleasant finish, with notes of spices and peat.


ABV: 46 %
VOL: 50 CL


Sweet, rich and a pleasant peated style.


Friends, yourself, a drop of water or however you like your Whisky.


Muspelheim is one of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology. It has been described as a hot and glowing land of fire, home to the fire giants and guarded by the jotunn Surtr with his flaming sword. Muspelheim has a significant role in both the creation of the world and its ultimate end. In the sagas, fire from Muspelheim and ice from Niflheim meet in the middle of the void of Ginnungagap and forge the giant Ymir and the world. When the fire giant Surtr and his sons ride over the northern light bridge, Bivrost, it will be the end of days, or as it is called in the old sagas; Ragnarok:

In the midst of this clash and din the heavens are rent in twain,
and the sons of Muspell come riding through the opening.
Surtr rides first, and before him and after him flames burning fire.
He has a very good sword, which shines brighter than the sun.
As they ride over Bifrost it breaks to pieces, as has before been stated.
The sons of Muspel direct their course to the plain which is called Vigrid….
The sons of Muspel have there effulgent bands alone by themselves.


Bivrost® Muspelheim Single Malt Whisky is handcrafted under the glow of the Northern Lights, at the foot of the majestic Lyngen Alps, at 69 °N.

YEAST: Brewers yeast. Saccharomyces eubayanus, Lager yeast.

MALT: Pilsener Malt and Scottish peated malt, 55 ppm.

WATER: Water sourced from Elvejordvannet, which receives melted glacier water from the Lyngen alpine range.

DISTILLED: Triple distilled in 2017, with two active plates  in our copper pot/column still. Average distillation time ranges between 8 – 10 hours, average strength heart collected of undiluted new make is around ~75%abv.

CASK HANDLING: Muspelheim is a marriage of our standard and peated Whisky. The casks we used for this “world” was ex Islay barrels (200 l), ex Bourbon quarter casks and some smaller Octave casks.



Release is set to May 05. – 2021.
Bottle nr 1 – 20 will go on auction at end of April. It’s an open online auction, anyone in the world can bid!


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The colour, of pale straw is one of the lightest produced so far but that belies the fact that this whisky is more mature than the others so far.

On the nose there are classic Bourbon and American oak characteristics, definitely a sweet aroma of vanilla but also a fruity base coming  from the spirit giving additional pear and apple spice notes all mixed with sense that this edition is definitely a peated one.

On the palate, the peat bursts through, not too subtle but not overpowering either, just a perfect balance of smoke and the sweetness mellows everything down, smooth with a lingering finish that goes on and on.

Perfect dram to try with smoked fish, game, blue cheese, chocolate or just savoured whilst sat round a log fire with a few friends.

Colin Houston

Cask Manager and Whisky connoisseur, Aurora Spirit Distillery