Bivrost® Cask Aged Gin is based on our best – selling Arctic Gin and has been stored in american oak and red wine casks for 10 Months.

Cask N°: 2023/01 and 2023/02

Batch #3 – 1300 bottles produced!


Fruity with a nice touch of juniper, citrus and oak


Fresh and fruity. Juniper, oak and spices


Warm, silky finish


ABV: 44 %
VOL: 50 CL


Arctic berries, roots, spices, oak and juniper.


Desserts, coffee or ice cream.


Swapping cask aged gin for bourbon or other classic whiskey cocktails will work. It can work in classic cocktails like “the Martinez”, and works amazingly in cocktails not typically associated with gin, like the Old Fashioned.

Drink it neat? Yes, you can absolutely drink it straight. Try sipping on it, with an ice cube.

What it shouldn’t be used for is long drinks like a Gin and Tonic, since the cask aging softens the aromatics and too much of the tonic only dilutes the flavors that make cask aged gin special. Also to be avoided are Martinis.


Cask aged gin is actually not a new concept. The Dutch spirit “genever” was a precursor to modern gin and was traditionally made with cask aged malt liquor. Later, gin was stuck in a casks for transportation and storage purposes in the 18th and early 19th centuries. In the casks the spirit naturally picked up oak characteristics. Modern technology has eliminated the need for casks as a means of transportation, leaving wood as a modifier rather than a necessity. Today, distilleries are experimenting with different casks that can add flavor to the gin. Some of the casks used for this purpose can be madeira, bourbon, rye, Cognac and red wine casks.