The Northern Lights could be dead virgins who show up in heaven or it could be the beautiful Valkyries serving dead war heroes in Valhalla?
The Northern Lights is not completely silent Sami ancestors described the Northern Lights guouvsahas as sound light. What did our ancestors hear in the Sami Northern Lights? Could it be the gods that rode over Bivrost? 

The Northern Lights have been around for all time. It has always fascinated everyone who lives underneath and made fantasy and wonder. It has created myths, tales and stories. Therefore, superstition, culture, mysticism and religious narratives are linked to the Northern Lights.

Associated with fever

From ancient times, the Northern Lights were described as flames across the sky. Legends describe how many joined the phenomenon with both famine and pestilence. Children were chased into hiding in fear that nasty would come down and cut off their heads. Others would defend themselves against Northern Lights with iron pipes and weapons. The Northern Lights should not be mocked. It could come down to the creek and set fire to your clothes or strike people unconscious, it was said.



Although the Northern Lights today can be explained scientifically, there are still superstitions attached to it. There are those who have never pointed or whistled at the Northern Lights because they believe it brings misfortune. According to the North Norwegian science, there are many today who talk about how children waved white cloths towards the play of light because they thought the movements of the Northern Lights increased the strength of their own fanning.


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