Using Bivrost in food?

See some of the different offsprings from Bivrost Alcohol products


A company called “the Arctic Cauldron“started in 2020 to produce different products with arctic Gin and Arctic Whisky as part of their ingredientss. The chocolate is made in a lot of different variatons and contains Bivrost Gin and Bivrost Whisky.


The Arctic Cauldron has also produced Marmalade with Whisky and Gin flavour. The marmalades are ususally picked up from the factory after each Gin batch (Where we only use the peel).


Senja Roasters has released a coffee called “Frøy’s Secret Weapon”. This is a coffee that has whisky flavours infused with it as part of a collaboration with Aurora Spirit Distillery. Barrels that have once housed Bivrost’s whisky now are home to some of our green coffee beans. This edition on Frøy’s Secret Weapon – whisky coffee is particularly special. The coffee it’s self is fruity, however the whisky notes are strong and smokey. It’s hard to believe this drink is truly alcohol free!