Bivrost Embassy

Bivrost Embassy is a program where we are working together with an exclusive group of establishments to provide the highest standards in products and services, related to the brand.


Cooperating with the tourism industry in the Arctic

In just a few years, Aurora Spirit Distillery has managed to position itself as an important player in the tourism industry in the Tromsø region. Through development of quality-assured guiding concepts we have proved there is a market for alternative tourist experiences in the Arctic.
More and more businesses are now understanding the power that lies in collaborating and using local products. We wanted to take this further, by developing a concept that we have called “Bivrost Embassy”. In short, it means that we establish a collaboration with selected tourism companies where we offer them training and education related to our brand, including a separate “tasting experience” that partners can offer their guests.

In addition we provide specially developed material that shows the connection to us. In particular ancient norse items (horns, signs, casks, etc).

The idea with this approach is that it will be exclusive to be affiliated with the local distilleryn and thus raise the partners own presentation. This model is never tried to implement in Norway, but similar models have been developed in Scotland. Through the development of an “Embassy – concept” with education, significant and special materials, we aim to stregthen our position in the region – not only in relation to alcohol products, but also as a tourist attraction. Through this project we are making sure all “Embassies” have updated, competent personnel who knows about the local products and the stories behind it.

The project is part funded by Innovation Norway.

Find our embassies here:

Because of Covid-19 the progress has been slow, but we have managed to recruit a number of serious players in the Arctic region. All of these has been visited and offered training and materials.

Stakeriet, Alta

Reisastua Lodge

Malangen Resort


Senja Observatory

Thon Lofoten hotel