AuroraSpirit Distillery / Lyngen Resort

Trademark – Bivrost®

Bivrost® is a registered trademark, owned by Aurora Spirit AS, Norway.

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This website and the domain is owned by AuroraSpirit UK Ltd, Munlochy, United Kingdom.

Producer – Aurora Spirit

Aurora Spirit is a North Norwegian company, which produces Arctic alcohol products and Arctic experiences (through

Address: Årøybuktneset, 9060 Lyngseidet, NORWAY
Phone: +4791904260 (08-16, M-F)

AuroraSpirit Distillery is located at Lyngen Resort, under the majestic Lyngen Alps in Northern Norway. The distillery is located at 69 degrees N.

The nearest airport is Langnes Airport , Tromsø. From Tromsø you can drive either :
– By Nordkjosbotn ( E8 – then E6 ) and take off from Oteren towards Lyngseidet  (868).
– Or via Breivikeidet ( Turn off at Fagernes – Fv 91 ) by ferry across Ullsfjorden. Both roads are signposted towards Lyngseidet .

When you get to Lyngseidet follow the road towards Koppangen, approx 10km. Lyngen Resort is located on the right side of the road .

Click here for Google Maps – directions from Tromso to AuroraSpirit…

Ferry routes can be found at Bjørklids ferry shipping company ‘s website.

Distances to AuroraSpirit :
• From Tromso via Breivikeidet : 75 km (1h 45 min)
• From Nordkjosbotn via Oteren 70 km ( 1 hr 15 min)
• From the municipal center Lyngseidet : 10 km (10 min)
• From Alta via Olderdalen 220 km ( 4h 10min)