The Bivrost bottle is unique

The Bivrost Bottle has some unique features

The bottle was designed in 2018 and released on the market in 2019. We worked together with on inventing a bespoke bottle that incorporates the Arctic soul. The result was great, here are some interesting facts:

  • In the bottom there is a 3D representation of the mountain “Jiehkkevarri”
  • Instead of regular “grooves” in the bottom there actually is a text that says “BIVROST 69N WORLDS NORTHERNMOST”
  • The new design won the prestigeous “World Gin Awards – GOLD for best Re design” in 2019
  • The glass bottles are made, partly, from recycled glass.
  • The furnaces that produce the glass are heated with Oxyfuel, which generates a lot less emission fumes (70%) than regular natural gas. The heat from the furnace is also recycled in the heating system of thousands of homes around the glass factory.
  • The company that produces our bottles has been selected by the European Union for the H2GLASS-Horizon22 project, aimed at experimenting with green hydrogen in order to replace fossile fuels for glass production.