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Bivrost Cask Aquavit


– made from Norwegian Potatoes


Arctic Cask Storage

Bivrost Cask Aquavit


What is Cask Aquavit?

Aquavit (From latin: aqua vitae, “water of life”) is a flavoured spirit that is principally produced in Scandinavia, where it has been produced since the 15th century. Aquavit gets its distinctive flavour from spices and herbs, and the main spice should be caraway or dill.
Cask Aquavit is Aquavit stored in casks. In order to be named “norwegian aquavit” the aquavit must have been stored for at least 6 months on oak casks (casks smaller than 1000 l. For larger casks the storage must be 1 year)

Cask storage

Maturing Whisky and Aquavit in casks is a science of its own. There are so many variables to consider when storing: The wood, type of cask (Bourbon, Sherry, Madeira,…), size of cask, storage time, temperature, humiidity, etc, etc.
We are storing our casks in NATO bunkers close to the arctic sea. The whole area around the distillery was an old coastal fort, established under second world war, by the germans.

Cask stored Aquavit

The temperature and the humidity in our storage facilities are very good, We store our Aquavit in 250 l. and 50 l. Sherry Oloroso casks. We will also be storing some of our Aquavit in Madeira casks. As we are producing whisky, there is the possibility of using Whiksy casks for maturation as well, could be interesting.


MYTHOLOGY: In the old mythology, the Vikings named the northern lights Bivrost. It was seen as a magical bridge from the homeworld of humans, in the world called Midgard, to the realms of the Norse Gods of Asgard.

CREATION: Bivrost® Cask Aquavit is handcrafted under the glow of the Northern Lights, at the foot of the majestic Lyngen Alps. Made with a traditional potato base spirit and classic herbs and spices then mixed with glacial meltwater from the Lyngen Alps this is a fusion of modern distilling technology and tradition. This handcrafted Aquavit is stored in carefully selected sherry casks and allowed to mature in our extensive underground storage vaults which were previously part of a network of tunnels in a Cold War NATO base.

AROMA: Bivrost® Cask Aquavit is a delicate and sophisticated medium-to-full body aquavit , smooth, luscious, rich with hints of dried fruits and citrus with a distinct warming spicy finish.

50 cl / 40%  Alc vol.

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