Our Distillery is located at 69.39 N

Deep within the arctic circle we produce the purest spirits

Deep within the Arctic Circle

Located in beautyful Lyngen, surrounded by alps and fjord.

We produce Bivrost products

Saturated by the Aurora Borealis at 69º N


What is the Arctic?

The Arctic is a polar region located at the northernmost part of Earth. Land within the Arctic region has seasonally varying snow and ice cover and the Arctic seas contain seasonal sea ice in many places. The Arctic region is a unique area among Earth’s ecosystems. The botanicals, the animals and the Arctic indigenous peoples have adapted to its cold and extreme conditions.

The arctic (polar) circle

The Arctic Circle is the most northerly of the abstract five major circles of latitude as shown on maps of the Earth. It marks the northernmost point at which the noon sun is just visible on the northern winter solstice and the southernmost point at which the midnight sun is just visible on the northern summer solstice. The region north of this circle is known as the Arctic.

Pure Arctic Ingredients

Our products are based on pure Arctic ingredients. We source local plants, herbs and berries, which contain high levels of omega-3 and are rich in antioxidants. The short Arctic summer provides special characteristics to all raw materials used to make Bivrost.

How far north is 69 °N?

The still

The still

The still

Our still was delivered from Germany. “Kothe Destillationstechnik” is a traditional German company specializing in copper and steel processing. Continuous development processes have created the design and construction of the distillation plants. Owing to solid quality and energy saving compounds, the stills have a long working life and low energy consumption.
A water bath or steam heats mashes and fluids in a solid, purpose-built copper still. A smooth internal surface is realised by means of a welded construction without appendages. The characteristic of a Kothe still is the combination of efficiency, stability and shape.

Based on the unique competence of the renowned engineer Leif Nerhammar, AuroraSpirit has developed a still designed for making several types of alcohol. With our combination of pot and column stills, we can make vodka, gin, aquavit and whisky. The still has a mash volume of 1200 litres and allows the distiller several thousand settings, making the production a piece of artisan art.

the Aurora Spirit Distillery

the Still

the Aurora over the Aurora

casks stored in old NATO bunkers

the Aurora Spirit

Is it possible to mature Whisky at 69 °N?

Believe it or not, but the Arctic climate has its clear advantages. The temperature variations between summer and winter, and between day and night, is dramatic. In the winter we can experience temperatures below -20 C, and in the summer temperatures above +20 C – that’s a 40 degree variation!
These constant changes in the seasons affect development of our cask spirits. During hot days the pressure increases in the cask, the spirits expand and penetrate deeper into the oak. When the temperature drops, the spirits has soaked in flavours from the oak. This interaction between spirits and oak is essential for cask maturation.
As we are a small artisan production facility, we mature whisky in smaller casks. By using a smaller cask, more wood per litre will be in contact with the whisky and thus it will develop character more rapidly.
We store our casks in old and very secret NATO tunnels. This will reduce evaporation and lower the “angels’ share” (Or “Odins share – as we like to call it!).

Did you know?

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