the Maturation

Believe it or not, but the Arctic climate has its clear advantages. The temperature variations between summer and winter, and between day and night, are dramatic. In the winter, we can experience temperatures below -20 C, and in the summer temperatures above +20 C – that’s a 40 degree variation!

These constant changes in the seasons affect development of our cask spirits. On hot days, the pressure increases in the cask, the spirits expand and penetrate deeper into the oak. When the temperature drops, the spirits has soaked in flavours from the oak. This interaction between spirits and oak is essential for cask maturation.
As we are a small artisan production facility, we mature whisky in smaller casks. By using a smaller cask, more wood per litre will be in contact with the whisky and thus it will develop character more rapidly. We use a range of different casks for storage, including Sherry, Bourbon, Sauterne, Madeira, etc.
We store our casks in old and very secret NATO tunnels. This will reduce evaporation and lower the “angels’ share” (or “Odin’s share – as we like to call it!). Winter 2021 we are moving large part of the stock into a brand new viking warehouse. It will be interesting to see the differences in maturation we can experience from the viking warehouse and the bunker.