the Still

Our still (“GERD”) was delivered from Germany. “Kothe Destillationstechnik” is a traditional German company specializing in copper and steel processing. Based on the unique competence of the renowned engineer Leif Nerhammar, Aurora Spirit has developed a still designed for making several types of alcohol. With our combination of pot and column stills, we can make vodka, gin, aquavit and whisky.

Owing to solid quality and energy saving compounds, the still has a long working life and low energy consumption. A water bath or steam heats mashes and fluids in a solid, purpose-built copper still. A smooth internal surface is realised by means of a welded construction without appendages. The characteristic of a Kothe still is the combination of efficiency, stability and shape.

The still has a mash volume of 1,200 litres and allows the distiller several thousand settings, making the production a piece of artisan art.