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The northern lights are a bridge – Bivrost

In Norse mythology, Bivrost is the bridge between heaven and earth; a trembling arc of the northern lights was a warning of war and the end of the world, or Armageddon for many Europeans during the Middle Ages and it is possible that Bivrost was the name for northern lights during the Viking Era. The character Snorre calls Bivrost the rainbow, but the rainbow is not characterized by the trembling movements which are described here nor by the three colors which Snorre tells of – in both cases these are more descriptive of the northern light.
The god Heimdal stood guard at the end of Bivrost. Heimdal was perhaps the Norse god for the northern lights, though this has never been definitely established.

Source: A. Brekke / D. Bakke (2000). Nordlys. Det norske samlaget 2000

Arctic Distillation Experience

On the Arctic Distillation experience, one of our qualified team will guide you through the process of manufacturing various types of spirits such as vodka, aquavit, gin and whisky.

Arctic Distillation Experience

You’ll get a glimpse into the mysterious past of Viking age drinking customs, making moonshine in Northern Norway, and learn about hi-tech alcohol production on top of the world. During this exciting guided tour, you will see, feel and smell Arctic ingredients.

Arctic Distillation Experience

The full guided tour includes a complementary tasting glass. After the tour, you have the option of buying tastings. It is also possible to extend your stay, enjoying local cuisine and have a look around our visitor centre.

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