Your own private batch? Or a personal label?
Specially tailored products for your business or organisation?

Aurora Spirit has the equipment and competence to develop private label and/or batches of different alcohol types. We have experience in developing private labels and batches for a number of companies and organisations.
Want a special ingredient in your brand? No problem, we can test out if your idea has potential.
A development process could typically look like this:

  1. Startup – meeting: decisions of alcohol type, strength, taste preferences and label design
  2. Development periode, taste / design
  3. Purchase through either Wine monopoly (Norway) or another distribution channel

Basic terms:
• Minimum order: 240 bottles
• Development cost by agreement (Covers labeldesign, project management, logistics, test distillation and samples)
• Our standard bottles is preferred (Ariane 2 or Aspect), but other types can be used (at extra costs)
• Price per bottle will be determined based on type, volume, alchoholstrength and place of purchase (Wine monopoly or other channel)

Interested? Don’t hesitate to make contact.

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