Bivrost Gin

– made for adventurous people

Distilled at 69.39 N

Pure Glacier Water

Arctic ingredients

Made with Glacier Melt Water

Our water source is filtered, glacial water from the Lyngen Alps. This is water that was frozen more than 5,000 years ago forming large glaciers high in the alps. Over the last 100 years these glaciers have gradually begun to melt, providing the main ingredient in Bivrost alcoholic beverages.

Pure Arctic Ingredients

Our products are based on pure Arctic ingredients. We source local plants, juniper, lingonberries, cloudberries, crowberries, and mountain herbs, which contain high levels of omega-3 and are rich in antioxidants. The short Arctic summer, with 24 hour daylight provides special characteristics to all raw materials used to make Bivrost. The summer midnight sun ripens the berries in double quick time and produces berries bursting with intense fruit flavours.

Hi Tech Handcraft

Our products are distilled in one of the most modern distilleries in Europe, iPad controlled and online. Still – that is no substitute for the skilled handcraft we rely on when making Bivrost products.


In the old mythology, the Vikings named the northern lights Bivrost. It was seen as a magical -bridge from the homeworld of humans in the world called Midgard, to the realms of the Norse Gods of Asgard.

Bivrost® Gin is handcrafted under the glow of the Northern Lights, at the foot of the majestic Lyngen Alps. Melting water from glaciers is purified and combined with locally harvested botanicals to ensure a -unique product of Arctic Norway.

Bivrost® Gin is a silky gin with fine flavour and elegant balance. Delicate aromas and flavours of arctic berries, roots, spices and juniper combine with a clean, medium body and a medium-length citrus and spicy finish.

50 cl / 44%  Alc vol.

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