Bivrost explained

In Norse mythology, Bivrost or Bifröst or sometimes Bilröst, can be described as a “burning rainbow bridge”, a “shimmering path” or “the swaying road to heaven” that reaches between Midgard (the world) and Asgard (the realm of the gods).
Bivrost – the bridge between the earth and the world of the gods – is hard to find, although it can be discerned as a shimmering rainbow in the skies. In the darkness of the Arctic winter, Bivrost can be viewed as a shaking path of colourful Northern Lights. Bivrost takes you to a realm of eternal youth, where man is welcomed at the table with the Norse gods eating delightful food and enjoying wonderful drinks.

Purpose of the site

The Bivrost site presents small stories from the Arctic region of Northern Norway. The target audience is travellers, visitors and others who are interested in our history and culture. Living in rural, Arctic conditions is a special way of life and represents a vast culture of telling stories. The stories cover Sami culture, Kven culture, fishermen at sea, hardship of life, supernatural experiences, moral and lots of humour. Our goal is to present a new story every 2-3 weeks.


The sources for the stories are collected from north – Norwegian books, collected stories and internet sources. Media is collected from different direct sources and IPR – free internet sites. All external sources and media are credited.

People behind the site

The North Norwegian-based company AuroraSpirit is the proprietary owner of the site. We are a company dedicated to making North Norwegian products for all who are interested in our heritage and culture. As part of this, we want all who are interested in life in the arctic, under the northern lights, to get access to some of the stories that represent our heritage and culture.